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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

a video I made about replacement lug bolts for my 1985 EZ Loader boat trailer. I made the mistake of moving the trailer after sitting for 4 years and not making sure the lug bolts were tight. moving it about a mile it started shaking a lot. When I stopped to see what was wrong I found out that 3 lug bolts worked theirselves off. I picked up the trailer and had my son take 2 off the other side just to make it home. I found the replacement lug bolts at wholesale marine.if you let your trailer sit outside from winter to summer then summer to winter you need to remake sure that your lug bolts are tightened. I put these new bolts on as soon as they came in the mail and sure enough come springtime they wound up getting loose again so I had to repaint them. I could not find trailer lug bolts at any of the local auto parts store I had to order the 1985 EZ loader trailer lug bolts off of the Internet.

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If the information helped