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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

I had to do a quick plumbing repair, These new quick connects are awesome. If you are a diyer or a new home owner and have to make a plumbing repair for COPPER, CPVC OR Pex these are the simplest to use.they're called shark white plumbing connectors and they are more expensive than regular connectors but you do not have to use any soldering or any pipe tape on these connectors. I would have problems soldering close to my ball valves so what I did was I started to use threaded ball valves. But these shark white connectors made it so much more easier. now I personally prefer soldering copper pipe together so if I have a long run to do. I will actually solder all the pipe. But this was a connection I needed done fast so I figured I'd try this out and these are awesome.

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If the information helped