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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here is a video of my 2 dash cams. The HD DVR is quickly becoming my favorite dash cam. Yea I paid 3 dollars more than my sharper image camera but heck I got each cam for under 20.00 . I was thinking on leaving a cam in my dash pointing forward and maby one pointing out the side to see what funny faces i may catch. These dash cams are pretty cool even though there's many days where I don't get anything exciting. Every now and then I catch something cool like there was a big bird in the middle of the road that we almost ran over because it wouldnt move and we were going to fast but it flew away. There was a lightning storm that we caught with the dash cams. I think the dash cams are well worth the money hack who can grow wrong with a basket for under 20 bucks.

Thanks for watching.


If the information helped