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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here I am with another video... I was always curious to know if it was true about aspect ratios on tires. You know the little 50 series tires 65. tires 75 series tires is like the height of the tire off of the rim. But the aspect ratio takes the width of the tire into consideration. I needed new tires for my van so I've been searching the tire sizes because I wanted wider tires for the Chicago winter also for more rubber on the boat ramp. The stock tires on this van are 215/75/15. I was looking for to 225/ 75/15. Although for some reason I let the guy at discount tires talk me into 235/70/15. I was thinking the tires would be much smaller in the back where the new ones were going then onthe front. But to my surprise they were actually bigger than the old tires I had. They would actually be the exact same size of the 215/75/15 in the front if they were new tires in the front although the 235 /70/15 look bigger because they're brand-new tires were more meat on them. I wish I had a better camera so you can see more clearer but this is my insight this is the word I'm passing.

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If the information helped