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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Hello there you how are you doing on this fine day? This page is about Coin rolling.

A lot of people do it and some are very good at it I am just a hobbyist for it.

I don't do the $.50 pieces looking for the silver although that's where the bigger money  is at.

Basically just the change that me and my wife have in our pockets I looked through to pull out the pre-1982 pennies in 1982 the mints changed there was like 90 something percent copper in the penny and they switched it to 90 something percent zinc in the pennies which really made him virtually worthless.

Now there are people that illegally coin role take out all the pennies melt the  copper and take it to the scrapyards. I'm banking on people taking  so much pennies out of circulation the little ones that are left may be worth something someday.

There is actually one younger gentleman that has a warehouse full of pennies and he sells them by the pound.

Hopefully there's enough information in my video that you learned a little something.

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