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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Hey there, Rob here. I just had to do this video about car repair shops. Through out my life Ive lived in different states and have ad different cars and I am so glad I have found a AWESOME mechanic that I can trust. WHen I was younger a mechanic lied to me and tried to charge me for a repair I didnt need. When I went to the shop owner with it he just blew the whole thing off. I did go to the Better business bureau and file a complaint. But I knew others who would still use that car shop and have to take their cars in for repairs every month. If you have to take your car in for repairs every month your mechanic isnt doing his job and taking his vacations off of your hard earned money. Please listen and enjoy this video and search for a mechanic of your own that you can trust.

Thanks for watching,

If the information helped