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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Back in the saddle again :O} 

Back in the saddle again, whew does this feel good. If you know me you know I love to talk. But I haven't been writing or blogging in a while. I as many get caught up in the hustle and bustle if everyday life even though this is relaxing this does not get anyone closer to their dreams and goals in life.

I have wrote my 1st book and told myself that currently I plan on writing 5 books. Well the money that has been coming in from my sources of income have been good getting by money it has not been the…

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1 month into 2012 have you started on your Ebook? 

So where into 2012have you started that e-book that you were thinking about writing? I myself has just finished approving my audio book. I turned my book into audio book to create another platform for possible income (<Reach Down Grab Your pair And Start Living) this will be something else you could do after you commit to writing your e-book.


I know beforehand when people wrote books they wanted to be "published authors" and when I first started that's one thing I was interested in also, but now have an

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So you wanna write E books 

So you want to write e-books? If I may ask what is bringing you to want to write a book? Are your hours getting cut at your job?  looking for a new career path in life? Or is it just something that you've always wanted to do? Well I can help you with the answer to any of these questions but you have to bring the desire to do it.


Writing the book is a little bit harder than you think especially if you have a job, children, a spouse or anything else that is absorbing your time and life. Not only do you

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we're 10 days in to 2012, have you started on your goals? 

okay people here we go again, have you decided on what you want to accomplish for 2012? Have you committed to yourself that you will accomplish your goals? And most importantly have you taken any steps towards your goals for 2012?


Well were 10 days in to 2012, that's 10 days of your life,240 hours or 14,400 minutes that have passed that you cannot get back. What is a good take for you to get off your ass and start moving towards the life you really desire to live.


I know that 40 hour week 9 to 5 daily

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My 1 minute book review for the OWN book reviews 

This is my 1 min. book review for Opras website. It's pretty damn hard to sum up a book in 1 min. As you see I didn't make it it took me 1 min. and 37 seconds I think.

As you see I'm back more motivated than ever and I want you to be able to keep up with me in 2012. It only took me eight days into the new year to get off my ass but that's better than six months.

So who's with me? Who's ready to conquer world? Comment on here let me know what you're up to, let me know what your goals are that keep this…

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LONG STORY READ IT THROUGH TO GET THE POINT: So a American business man went on vacation in a small beach front village in Spain, In the morning while having his coffee he sees a village fisherman head out for about a hour and right back in with a decent catch, he questions the fisher man how he caught so much in such a little time. The fisherman says he has been fishing out here since he was a boy and knows where the catch is. The American business man says well why didnt you stay out there to catch…

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DO we really know how to commit to a dream? 

Do we really know how to commit to a dream? It seems so hard, we say we want  $1 million dollars  yet don't do anything for it. What like buy a lottery ticket? and that's our surefire way to make $1 million dollars??

My book has only been  for about 2 to 3 weeks now, sometimes i get a little frustrated trying  to market myself seeing that I'm self publisher, but I'm not going to give up I'm sure and positive that I will sell 100,000 books.

One of the ways that I would try to get my website known is

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Don't QUIT 

don't quit, don't you dare quit! Sometimes it's easy to say it's not the work, I failed again, or I've tried it is just not working. But I can assure you it's just not working yet. Keep at it and keep on keeping on.


There so many people in the world that are where we want to be and probably are less qualified than us. But they had the perseverance to fulfill their destiny.


I gave somebody a business card today and directed her to my website I felt good but bad when she said "what are you still doing

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