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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

this is a video I made when I was towing my John boat. It's pretty self explanatory but sometimes you really have to go over and over again doing this till becomes customary for you to fill comfortable with it I was actually nervous about towing my boat about five times in towing it and launch it. I'm a lot more comfortable with it now but I want to want to be comfortable to the point where I stop doing my inspections. Not only did I watch videos on how to launch a boat and how to tow a boat I also watch videos and people that did not tow or launch their boat successfully So I can know what I had to look out for. The first time I towed my boat I looked back at every bump and noise heard coming from the trailer. It was very nerve-racking. Launching the boat I learned just leave my son in the boat and let him back it into the water off of the trailer. Because I have a 2 Wheel Dr. van and sitting with the boat in the water in the van on a angle if I have my foot on the brake all four wheels are locked. But if I put the van in Park and take my foot off the brake the only wheels are locked are the two back wheels and twice the van slid a little bit on the alGe. And that is not a good feeling. So just cross-referenced and watch as much information as you can before you take your trailer order boat up for the first time.

Thanks for watching

If the information helped