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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

this is really been a passion in my life. I really love working with my tilapia. Every year for the past couple years I've been moving the tilapia to the outside be it in my little pond out here or in my water tote out here and I do my best to keep the water crystal clear. This is a biofilter that I made I've actually used the same container the past couple years but try different media this is the clearest I've ever had it so far. This biofilter has about 10 pounds of gravel in the bottom of it it has little plastic sponge scrubbers that I got from the dollar store. And maybe five or six leftover filters that I had on my 55 gallon tank and replace them in the 55 gallon tank filter so I just threw the other ones in here instead of in the garbage . I did buy the duckweed off of eBay. But it is propagating fine in this biofilter. Also I have like three spokes of these weeds I pulled out of the little stream nearby and they grew by leaps and bounds in this biofilter. Now the water is crystal clear normally when you leave stuff outside your tend to get green water or alge water. I have no idea if they're still alive but I did put Daphnia inside of this tote and inside of this biofilter Daphnia is a little water flea but the water flea eats the green water the little algae particles. But if they happen to go into the water tote the fish eat the Daphnia. Thank you very much for watching my videos please subscribe to my channel I know it's kind of hodgepodge but I upload anything am working on or anything I'm doing.

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If the information helped