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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

This is my fainting plant ( Mimosa Pudica) We first say this plant in the rain forest in Costa Rica then again in Puerto Rico. I purchased one to see if I could grow it as a house plant here in Chicago and it didnt work. I actually found these in a Michaels craft store sold by a company Dunecraft and under the name Mary the mover. They are thriving in the Chicago summer with the upside down fish tank over them. I am currently looking up infor on constructing a terrarium in house for the winter.I grew these things so big they outgrew the upside down 20 gallon tank I had covering them. It's pretty cool how these plants faint when you touch them. Then about 20 min. later they're all wide open bright eyed and bushy tailed. These plants also seemed to faint at nighttime and come back to life during the day. These plants grow in tropical environments which Chicago isn't. Therefore I had to keep the fish think over them in the sunlight with the soil moist.

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If the information helped