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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

here's a video of the 31st St. boat launch also known as the Richard Daley Boat Launch. I shot this video November of 2015. I pulled my boat of the Dan Ryan coming from the south. I exited on 39th St. and to 39th St. to Western and non-Western I made a right-hand turn onto Western. I drove down Western to 35th St. and 35th St. I made a quick left then a quick right onto Western Street I believe it was. This is a frontage road that will take you all the way to a dead end where the boat launches. It was $27 to launch there. I don't know yet about the safety of the area of the boat launch. I believe if there were more people using it and there were a lot more people around getting in and out of cars the crime rate go down. But it is off the beaten path so I believe if you do leave your car there and you go out boating if someone sketchy is around they may take a peek into your car.

Thanks for watching,

If the information helped