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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Hello Rob here. I ve been looking up all kinds of info on my 25 hp Johnson outboard lower unit seals. I thought I tore a seal when I hit the bottom at a lake I boat on. But come to find out my lower unit seals were fine. What was leaking was unburnt oil coming down the exhaust. The lake I boat on has a no wake rule there for I am not even revving up the motor high enough to burn the gas oil mixture. I changed the gear oil and ran the motor hard and loud in a pail of water and with the ears and hose hook up. I then checked the lower unit gear oil again and guess what? No water was in the oil. This costed me like 12 bucks to finally see that I actually did not have a lower unit leak. It was unburnt oil leaking. I hope this helped you.

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If the information helped