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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

ok people this is me changing my Headlight on my 2007 Ford Focus. This was the first time I encountered having to twist a ring that holds the bulb in place Normally you just twist the bulb. Then There was no room to work so I wound up taking the whole headlight out.... a 5 min job would up taking me about 30 min. now my son says that he can change lightbulbs just with his hands and not taken the whole headlight unit out of the 2007 Ford focus. But two times while he was driving around the headlight bulbs popped out. So unless you have a family member with extremely skinny long fingers I would recommend you doing it this way. With this 2007 Ford focus seeing that I had to replace the lightbulb and take the whole front end off I just switched out both bulbs at the same time. Many new cars are common where you have to take the front end off just replace the headlight.

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If the information helped