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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

SO I bought a used 2002 Chevy Astro van and low and behold 1st rain I found out the windshield weather stripping had a leak. After doing some research I found out this was a common problem with the Chevy Astro van. The windshield is not cracked so I can see paying to have this windshield removed just to have it resealed. All I used was basic silicone that is 100% silicone caulk. But if you tape the top and the bottom off you'll get a neater fix. You have to be sure that you clean off the windshield and the paint on the van where the cop is good to go really good so he could stick and adhear. This is a simple fix for leaky windshield and a 2002 Chevy Astro VAn. SO this was my quick fix. I it helps you out.

Thanks for watching.

If the information helped

This is PT 2 the day after I fixed the leaking windshield. It rained the same day I put the silicone caulk on and the day after. There was no leaks it sealed perfectly.

Thanks for watching