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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

this video is in two parts. This video is of me fixing the rust on my 2002 Chevy Astro van dogleg also known as rear quarter panel. When I bought the van used I knew there was some rust and some rust repair in this area I just did not know how bad it was. I'm trying to wait till summer time to complete you repair it. Both the bad weather we've been having I've been noticing this rust is spreading like wildfire. I've been hesitant I'm fixing myself because I do not know if I will be qualified or skilled enough to fabricate a body panel auto metal. But I did pick up some bond O'Hare and some bundle advanced if I wasn't able to fabricate it. I believe it came out fairly nice. I'm probably going to cut it all out again this summer to get a better repair done in a smoother repair. But this is what I came up to for now. Be sure to watch part two of the video so you can also see how it finished.

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If the information helped