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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay this is a cheap DIY filter that I made. You can call it a biofilter but I do have activated charcoal and it also. Towards the end of the video I show the crystal-clear water two or three days later. All you do is take a 2 L bottle or for a smaller tank you can take a regular size 16 ounce bottle and poke holes all around the bottom of it and all around the top of it. You run the airline through the top of a bottle and fill it with whatever media you would like. as the bubbles go up through the bottle they take long water with it and the water goes over the media you have in the bottle. Thus cleaning it with the activated carbon while creating a bio filter with the sponges. This is a very cheap and easy filter for your fish tank or as I am using it for a 33 gallon garbage can for my guppies and marbled crayfish.

Thanks for watching

If the information helped