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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

okay this is a video did some time ago the beginning of the season. The first time I pulled my boat trailer. Just a little bit of insight also information on how I wound up with this boat for only $500. I did have to sand the frame or sand the trailer but with a sander and some automobile spray paint it looks really nice. One of the main things I learned when pulling a trailer is to make sure that you have your tow chains crossed so they make a cradle just in case your trailer jumps off the ball. Also make sure that you're using actual tow chains. Not just basic chains from the hardware store. Another thing that I like to do is lock my trailer hitch. I have a lock to lock the hitch to the vehicle and I also have a lock to clamp down the trailer mount onto the ball. . I hope this information helps at least a little bit.

Thanks for watching.

If the information helped