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If any info helped. appreciated not expected

If the information helped

Whats going on people Rob Here, today I'm looking for information. I garbage picked this Schwinn new world I believe it's somewhere between 1941 in 1947. I was doing some research on it and are not really too valuable unless you part amount for people looking for certain parts from. but this right here I really am not looking at parting out. I did not know the man that rode it back and forth to work at standard oil. but I did know his wife I was her mailman and she was 94 years old.. If I did a restoration on this it would not be a full restoration it would be a restoration in my mind what I could ride. I do not want to send anything to be chrome dipped so all the chrome parts would be black. And the frame would be sun fire metallic red. or I'm thinking about you selling the whole as is. I know there'll be more money if I parted out but I really do not take it apart and mail pieces here and there. So what's your opinion what's your input?

Thank you very much Sincerely yours,

If the information helped